Anything you print is now a
mobile interactive opportunity to
educate, inform and sell...

Create a mobile profile for you
or your business in just a few minutes

It’s easy & your first code
is FREE for a year...

1. Register

Open your ScanLink account with your first
dynamic QR Code for free for a year.

2. Create

Use the 'Person/Business' profile template to create your
mobile profile. You can upload videos, text, documents,
pictures, web links and more.

3. Print

Download your QR Code and print it on business cards,
brochures & flyers, signs, invoices & receipts, anywhere...

4. Measure

Track the time, date, device type, browser type
and even the GPS location each time your QR Code
is scanned.

You can view the 'How to' video tutorials at the top of
this page or contact us if you need assistance.

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