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Welcome to ScanLink. The worlds best QR Code generator and content
management platform for creating mobile interactive experiences that
educate, inform and sell...

Its easy

You simply upload your
content and then download
your 'dynamic' QR code.


Print your QR code on
product labels, brochures,
signage, business cards
- Anywhere!


Each time someone scans your code
ScanLink can record the time, date,
type of device used and even the
GPS location. You can also collect
names, mobile numbers and email
addresses to build your database.


See how the Hellenic Museum uses ScanLink to create engaging mobile interactive exhibitions...

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There are hundreds of applications for Scanlink.

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Hotel Surveys

Arts & Culture

Monuments & Memorials

Business Profile

Customer Feedback

Product Packaging

The Workplace

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Scanlink is a powerful QR Code generator
and Mobile Engagement Platform
featuring a variety of solutions
for business of all sizes

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Create a Scanlink QR Code
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Create mobile interactive
packaging & signage...
Create a mobile interactive workplace
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Create mobile interactive forms,
surveys & checklists...
Create a mobile profile for you
or your business...

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