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Minimise Risk

ScanLink is a mobile visual communication solution to enhance Health Safety Sustainability and Productivity in the workplace.

Imagine an intelligent mobile interactive workplace where people can instantly access information for a particular piece of equipment, product, location or procedure including videos, documents, pictures, checklists, audit forms and more by simply scanning a label or sign with a smartphone or tablet.

This is all possible right now with ScanLink. An intelligent mobile engagement platform that enables you to create, control and measure your own branded mobile interactive workplace communication program.

We call it right here, right now visual
communication, mobile access to
information on demand

Health & Safety
Health & Safety

Show me how, right here right now

Bridge communication barriers associated with language,
literacy and comprehension with the power of mobile visual
communication .
Deliver instructional videos,pictures and diagrams instantly on

Interactive forms and checklists

Improve efficiency and reduce paperwork with interactive
forms and checklists that can be completed on the spot with
a tablet or mobile device.
Responses are delivered instantly to any nominated email
recipient and recorded in the user database.

Instant access to documents

Minimise productivity risk associated with missing documentation.
view and download important compliance documentation instantly
on demand.

Manage user access

Password protect access to information exclusively available
to individuals or a specific user group.

Measure user engagement

A suite of comprehensive analytics tools record user engagement.
Each time a code is scanned Scanlink can record the local time.
date.device type,browser type and GPS location.
The identity of the mobile user can also be recorded.

Create, edit and launch instantly

A selection of user-friendly content management templates make
creating and editing your own branded mobile optimised content
quick and easy.

Technology that doesn't discriminate

ScanLink can be accessed by multiple types of devices
and operating systems. It is not a device restricted App.
The ScanLink code generator produces 'dynamic' Data Matrix
and Quick Response codes.


Industrial label and tag solutions

We supply a range of industrial label and tag solutions from
single print to customised print your own packages.

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